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Thank you for visiting the website of Waldorf chiropractor Dr. Shawn Neville and Kennedy Chiropractic - a chiropractor in Waldorf, MD. Dr. Neville strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Dr. Neville has proudly served the Waldorf, Maryland area for years. Our patients visit us from all over Southern Maryland and beyond.

Kennedy Chiropractic provides state-of-the-art spinal care to the communities of Waldorf, St. Charles, Brandywine, Bennsville, Clinton, Accokeek, Fort Washington, Oxon Hill, Upper Marlboro in Maryland and Dahlgren, Colonial Beach and King George. Whether you live or work in Waldorf or in the surrounding Maryland area, Kennedy Chiropractic is within easy driving distance for your convenience.

Dr. Neville believes that treating the root cause of pain is the key to a true recovery both long term and in the shortest time possible. This is much preferable to him compared to drugs and surgery which merely mask over the cause of your pain. In addition to being a mask over the symptoms, once pain medications wear off, the pain returns because the actual cause was not addressed. That's where Dr. Neville comes in - he will address the root cause of your pain so that a true recovery is within reach. One example is that back and neck pain is often caused by a misaligned (subluxated) vertebrae that, when corrected, can often result in immediate relief from pain. Other times a chiropractic adjustment to correct a misalignment can take a small amount of time to result in pain relief. A chiropractor like Dr. Neville can also help reduce or eliminate pain in joints of the body such as knees, fingers, toes, and elbows.

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